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The combination of craftsmanship and attention to detail is a hallmark of Revor. The brand implements strict quality controls to ensure that every bed and mattress meets the highest standards. The use of sustainable materials and innovative technologies results in products that are not only comfortable but also provide long-lasting support.

De combinatie van vakmanschap en aandacht voor detail is een kenmerkend aspect van Revor. Het merk hanteert strenge kwaliteitscontroles om ervoor te zorgen dat elk bed en matras aan de hoogste normen voldoet. Het gebruik van duurzame materialen en innovatie technologieën resulteert in producten die niet alleen comfortabel zijn, maar ook langdurige ondersteuning bieden.

Customers can trust that they will receive a quality product that exceeds their expectations without having to pay a premium price. Discover the craftsmanship and quality of Revor and enjoy a good night's sleep for years to come.


The Signatur box spring represents the pinnacle of sleep comfort combined with an ecological approach. This remarkably ergonomic and comfortable bed, meticulously handcrafted, utilizes 100% natural materials such as wood, organic wool, organic cotton, hemp, natural latex, horsehair, and Belgian linen and jute.

Beyond the impressive specifications of the bed itself, Signatur cares about our community. Everyone from the yarn spinner to the latex farmer is respectfully involved in the production process. In this, the pursuit of perfect sleep comfort and social responsibility merge into a unique whole, characteristic of the quality and vision of Revor.


At Revor, we understand that traditional mattress production methods can place a significant burden on the environment. To address this challenge and contribute to a more sustainable future, we have transformed the environmentally damaging process. The result is our Circular mattress, an innovative step forward in responsible production and sustainable sleeping comfort.

Revor's Circular mattress is not just any mattress; it is a highly sustainable product that can be completely dismantled and recycled at the end of its life. All raw materials can be reused to make a new mattress, minimising waste. This is not only a win for the environment, but also a step towards a circular economy in which materials retain their value.

The importance of sleep and sport!

In 2022, Alpecin Deceuninck and Revor have joined forces to offer the team's riders the best possible night's sleep during the three most important cycling events of the year: the Tour de France, Giro D'Italia and the Vuelta.

The collaboration involves each team member sleeping on a personalised mattress. These carefully designed mattresses are tailored to the riders' individual needs and preferences, allowing them to rest and recover optimally.
A good night's sleep is crucial for these elite athletes. Cycling at this level requires extreme physical efforts, and the body needs sufficient time to recover. A comfortable and supportive bed contributes to deeper sleep and a more effective recovery process.
In the partnership between Alpecin Deceuninck and Revor, innovation, performance and well-being come together seamlessly, with the aim of reaching new heights in professional cycling.

Rest is not only essential in the world of cycling. Revor also represents the football world. At KV Kortrijk, the players rest on a Revor mattress. This is vital, as it is crucial for them to recover properly for every match they play.

The importance of a good night's sleep for athletes cannot be overemphasised. Research has shown that athletes who sleep well perform better. They experience less fatigue, have a reduced risk of injury and their responsiveness improves significantly.

At Revor, we understand the importance of a good night's sleep for performance on the field. That is why we strive to produce high-quality mattresses that provide optimal comfort and support. Our mattresses are designed with top-quality materials and innovative technologies to improve sleep quality and optimise the recovery process.

At Revor, we believe that everyone, regardless of their situation, deserves a good night's sleep. That's why we are proud of our collaboration with G-football. This wonderful initiative supports people with disabilities to participate in football, contributing to their well-being and happiness.

Just as our mattresses provide the foundation for a good night's sleep, G-football forms a solid foundation for inclusion and enjoyment in sports. Our goal is to provide everyone with the comfort and support they need to achieve their dreams.

At Revor, we continue to strive for sustainable and caring solutions, ensuring everyone – from athletes to recreational sleepers – can enjoy the best night's sleep.