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Revor Group

Revor Group offers a wide range of services to meet customers' diverse needs. We supply high-quality sleep products to the retail market and work with hotels, resorts, etc. in the contract market. We also develop special sleep solutions for the medical and healthcare sectors, offer private label options and export our products abroad. Moreover, we facilitate dropshipping, allowing our partners to benefit from direct delivery to end customers without the hassle of inventory management.

Private label

Are you looking for a reliable supplier that specialises in producing Private Label products for your business? At Revor Group, we offer our expert services to assist you. We are ready to serve you in a professional manner.


Revor Group also offers a dropshipping programme for companies interested in selling mattresses, box springs and other sleep products. You can count on our expertise and reliable service to provide your customers with quality sleep solutions.


Our products are shipped worldwide, from Aruba to Israel. Would you also like to enjoy Revor Group's sleep products abroad? Feel free to contact us!