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Care Collection

Revor Group's Care collection ensures optimal and restful nights in the care sector: hostels, rest and care homes, care and hospitals, boarding schools and other public institutions where hygiene and well-being are important. With the Care collection, you choose comfort and protection. 

Fire-retardant cold foam

Fire-retardant cold foam plays a vital role in mattress safety. It makes the mattress less likely to catch fire and slows the spread of fire.


An anti-allergic mattress plays a crucial role in creating a healthy sleeping environment for people with allergies. It minimises exposure to allergens such as dust mites, pollen and mould spores, which are often present in mattresses.

Washable and boil-proof

A washable and boil-proof mattress is vital for hygiene and maintaining a healthy sleeping environment. It allows you to clean the mattress thoroughly and remove any stains, odours or bacteria effectively.

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